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This has to be one of my most favorite posts you have done! I love yellow even though it not my first choice of "fav" colors ( which, happen to be the same as yours!) but "buttered popcorn, mustard on a hotdog at the game... corn on the cob..., fall leaves..sigh. I LoVE yellow!

Wonderful thoughts on yellow! Vincent did very well with the color in his later years, didn't he. Still love your "happy face."

If anyone asks what's my favorite color, I will answer YELLOW without hesitation. But somehow, I don't use YELLOW a lot in my works...I will soon!

I enjoy this post a lot!!

Thanks for this topic!! Love all the yellow inspiration!

What a great list!

Mmm, another yellow lover here (tho my favorite is still red...). Had a yellow and orange bedroom in high school, now have a yellow/orange, green & purple bathroom! Truly a happy color :)---I'm more likely to use it in my watercolor paintings than in my pastels---tho lately with the cut fields, it's become a real player in my landscapes. Fun to see your pastels---the one with the two trees looks like a scene I've painted at Finley Wildlife Refuge south of here---a real deja-vu :).

Love the color Yellow. I painted the exterior of my house Yellow. Not quite sunshine yellow but a shade lighter. It gives me that happy feeling turning the corner on my way home from work and seeing my yellow happy house :). Great color. Though the interior walls are all sorts of other colors that I like, Greens, Peach, Burgundy, some more yellow (golden yellow), blue.

Melissa :) happy Friday

Great post! Love your yellow is... list and and your artwork is beautiful =)

I think I might be the only one who deosn't like yellow but I do like your list of all things yellow! :-)

My mom and aunt absolutely both love yellow. I am beginning to like it, too. It makes me happy just looking at it, I love the art journal you did, excellent.

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