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okay so not only does that craphound look totally awsome but I just realized you were in my neck of the woods. I am always amazed at how small the world relaly is! Gosh you are making me want to go back to my post and add to it yours is so jam packed with goodies.

Awesome quote...I love the Craphound....I like to sleep and dream for inspiration too..haha...I seem to be fighting the battle to keep this place from becoming the "craphouse"!

I agree! The more visual stimulation the better!!!! I've never heard of it, must go look for it!

p.s. be sure to leave me your snail mail address!!!

Enjoyed your post always. Love the quote and will write that down in my little inspiration book for today. Thanks.

Inspiration really is everywhere, isn't it. Good for you for knowing that. If we're not feeling inspired, it's just because our minds are cluttered with other thoughts, concerns, residual stresses, etc.

P.S. I have more stuff than you do ! :)

Your inspiration box is awesome, and so is that book with images! All those eyes, just cut them out!

Wow, that eye page in Craphound reminds me of my college years---I'd draw eyes all over my notes... ;)! Sent a link to my sweetie about Craphound (something I'd never heard of) so he can see how cool it is too! I find inspiration everywhere too---if your eyes are open and trained, inspiration is out there whenever you want it to be!

Wow now you have me totally hyped up and inspired!! Blogs are a huge inspiration for me but I agree with you, there's nothing as inspiring as seeing something in person. You can get a better feel for the true colours, depth and textures.
Great entry! Have a fabulous weekend!!

ok, that does it! I'm getting Teesha's mags....been seesawing about them but this is confirmation. That Craphound mag looks fabulous....I love eyes and hands. Portland was always a great place for bookstores and record shops. thanks for the inspirations!

love this post! i am also a visual learner (and am sitting trying to read some very DRY articles with nothing visual besides some tables of numbers :p).

i am so jealous of your collection of inspiration! it looks like that type of thing i could get lost in for hours and hours :)

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