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What a nice mailman you have! I'd be happy too.

Atti is such a Dandy. I'm not surprised he's attracted to bright shiny things :)

Mmmm, getting the mail is one of my favorite things to do too! You never know what fun surprise might be there---it's why the winter holiday season is so much fun---people send cards! You do have some fun goodies this week---watch out for sparkly cat poo tho!

I love to read your blog! This post is soooo fun and Atticus soooo cute! :)

Can't wait to see part 2!

I agree. Getting the mail is a favorite thing. It's cute that Atticus was there wanting to help with the package.

Melissa :)

Receiving beautiful mail is such a delight! One of my little kitties absolutely MUST get into what ever box just got emptied and sleep there for a bit. No idea why :)

Mail love is the BEST! And it certainly beats a mailbox full of bills :)

What a cutie Atticus is in the box! I don't know about in your house, but in mine if a cat toy cost money .... they find it boring. If it was free (i.e. plastic bag, paper box, stray piece of trash) then it's hit!

how can one love mail? esp pretty mail like this!
cant wait for part 2!

Such fun getting goodies in the mail!! AND I got a copy of Arful Blogging in the mail and guess who had a photo and credit in there???

We used to give the mailman a little money in a card and maybe a pen set or a bottle of nice wine or champagne for Christmas. If I was not home, instead of leaving a yellow sticker, he would open the screen door and set the package inside then, lock it. or he would put it in the dog's house and leave a note under the door...anything exept not leave it! Hats off to mail carriers and the joy they bring!

Oh ya - the mail-cupid hit your box!!!

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