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Oh dear Michelle, you saved the news about being published in this new publication for last? Congratulations! That is so awesome! And I'm never eating Captain Crunch again.

Yikey Schnikey - you are published!! I knew it was only a matter of time. Get used to it dear sister....and congratulations. Oh, how well I remember the Capt. Crunch fiasco. I too had taped two quarters to an index card in hopes of something (don't remember what it was, but I'm sure it was plastic), and nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch. That's why that scene in A Christmas Story, where little Ralphie anxiously awaits his Orphan Annie Decoder Ring, hits so close to home. I'm sure some mail opener at the cereal company had a big score that day, something like .85 cents, all on us!!! That probably explains why I, like you, love mail. Always have, always will.
Snail mail rocks!!


Dear Famous Blogger...

Love your loot! My eyes are going loop-dee-loop! :)

P.S. Was this what it looked like?...

OMG! Published! I want a copy! Those are not sold in Sweden!! PLEASE try to get another one! I will be happy to send money! How FaB ARE you, my dear!
You are SO famous, seester!

the cupcake goodies!!!

besteel my beating heart. i wanna do a cupcake swap. well i guess i better get that button swap in the mail first right?

maybe after my vintage vixen part 2 swap, i'll do a cupcake swap.

oh don't forget to stop by my blog in the next few weeks to see if you wanna partake in vintage vixen part 2!

Hey, big congrats on the magazine!!!

And I think you just explained my fascination with all these blogging swaps and exchanges, I need to blame it all on my early anticipation of waiting for goodies in the mail that I ordered from cereal boxes as a kid! I had forgotten that excitment, till you reminded me, and yes, it is the exact same thing that I get so geared up about now a days with the blog goodies!!!

Thanks for visiting, I have you entered in my drawing. See you at Silverbella!

so cool! i need to get that magazine!
weird but alex is eating captain crunch this very moment. i will never buy it again now that I know they traumatized you as a child. that damn captain!

Hokey Schmokes!!! Check out the link that Lilli added in her comment. THAT'S IT!!!! Wow...the room is spinning...I feel woozy... must. check. mail. box.

I am SO excited for you!! Published!!!! And in such a very cool publication! I can't wait to get my copy. I'll be outside the bookstore on Aug. 1 waiting for the doors to open to buy it! LOL! Hee, hee ... you and your swap partner were well-matched. What yummy goodies! And the rest of your mail loot .... such wonderful things!! I love opening the mailbox, looking inside.... and then.....yes...there is a brown box or plump envelope in there .... mail love!!! Enjoy all your very, very lovely treats!

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