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Poor Michelle fall down and go Boom and got a owwie! (pout) Adults get really rattled by falling down, don't we. Kids don't stress nearly as much as we do, probably 'cause they fall a lot more than us.

Ms.Geller, I'm so impressed with how wonderfully innovative your cards are! I love all those textures on there. So creative :)

Love your pages so much but I can't for the life of me put those eyelets in where they look decent on both sides so I am triple impressed.
Sorry about the fall down. Rocks throw me for a loop too.

Oh, my poor dear Shelster, falling down. Darn those rocks! We are obviously related, because I had a similar experience yesterday coming out of Target, but it was a soda cap, and I didn't quite fall all the way down, but caught myself, then looked around as if to tell anyone who saw "yeah, I meant to do that". I wish I was there to help you throw rocks. I'm glad Glen was there with tea and sympathy (ok, lemonade and sympathy, but I had to use the tea thing, it was stuck in my head).

I love your heart fatbook project. Of course, you know I love hearts in general, but when you do art, you do it "real good". I love your heart art!! (say that three times fast and you have an instant seal impression). :-)

I love that quote! I'm working a piece around it. It is very fitting for my life right now!

michelle, those are so beautiful! i love the photos--the muffin tin full of goodies! and that quote is wonderful. i hadn't heard it before. i'll definately be writing it down in my quote book!
i have this one pair of shoes that i'm constantly falling in. you'd think i'd stop wearing them, but for the most part they're quite comfy. then i get all relaxed and i'll be walking up a hill and i fall on my face, and some kind woman is coming up to me going, "Oh my, are you okay?" and probably thinking i'm drunk. anyway, i can relate, is what i'm saying here.
love your beautiful work!

Gosh, even your assembly lines look divine! Sorry about your fall, glad you are OK...I'll throw a rock for you today!

Fabulous project! Love all the step-by-step progress pics! Sorry you fell down---that just is no fun at all! After my crash in the laundry room in Feb. where I actually heard my ankle snap, I have so much sympathy for any falls!! So glad you weren't hurt worse!

I'm sorry about your little fall but I know that lemonade helped w/the boo-boo. I love lemonade esp. strawberry lemonade. How cool is this fat book you are doing so far!!! Heart! MMM, cool!

I love the heart block, the way you used your wish coupons, and the WW quote. I'm sorry you got a boo boo, but I couldn't help giggling at your cute account of the incident although it wouldn't have been very cute at the time!

Michelle-Your pages for the Heart book are so great! I can not wait to see one up close(I am in the swap too!). I have to comment on how organized you are when you do your pages. I seem to have all my items strung all over the place...You have inspired me to maybe rethink the way I organize my stuff.

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