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very delightful party hats; has a very 'may day' feel to them

Michelle...... I Love it! I love the way you sewed everything...and all the colors are !perfect

Ooh La Laa! I'm very impressed with your sewing! And that adorable flirty fringe :)

OH WOW!!!!!! It's so foofy filled and delicious!!! Love the party hat....sewn no less. you went to a lot of work to make this day special for me. Thank you so much!!!

What a spectacular piece of headgear! I love it!

Just saw your comment... we ended up going to our friends' house up in Gig Harbor on the actual day of our anniversary, but I'd love to hear your restaurant suggestions regardless. There is no excuse needed for a lovely dinner out!

Lovely hat :)

OMG. that is THE COOLEST thing! i'm so impressed. serious.

What a fabulous crown. I love the patchwork look.

What a gorgeous, gorgeous hat you have made here! She will love it for sure!

this one is my favorite...I am a sucker for sewing, it makes it so unique. I bet it was hard to part with this!

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