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Happy July 4th! I hope you have a great cul-de-sac party!

I'm jealous of your peppers, tomatoes, lettuce etc. I'm guessing that your peas are gone now. Did you say that was rosemary? I do love rosemary (a lot!) but I was rather hoping those spikey leaves were tarragon. Love it even more!

Best wishes, Sweetie!

that lettuce looks very yummy! happy fourth!!

I think it may have been my turn?? Oh well, "maybe next year." I can't wait to see your photos from the party! Happy Fourth, Sister Dear!

Ah yes, the year of the infamous double margaritas....I almost remember it well. Haha.

Your raised flower beds are beautiful, and I'm so glad you are still having the annual cul-de-sac extravaganza....maybe next year it will be my turn again!!

Love ya!

Happy 4th you you on the 5th! Tommy sounds like such a sweetie :). Your garden is lovely---our peas are still babies (less than a foot tall) but our tomatoes are so happy this year! lots of squash & volunteer corn---am curious what weird mutant variety we have going! Enjoy this great sunny garden week!

hope your 4th was fun
beautiful gardening
happy summer

xox - eb.

My how your garden grows! Looks great. Hope your days have been filled with sunshine. Enjoy your harvest!!!!

Great garden Michelle and nice-looking fur friend. I love measuring my garden's growth. And don't get me started on the African violet. I may just have to post about mine. It was a trash plant that sat on my kitchen counter for years without blooming, and then I raised it up 10 inches on a red vintage scale I bought for my sister, and now it's 12" plus in diameter, blooms all the time, and the scale will never go to my sister's house.

Sounds like your 4th was wonderful!!! Fun tradition to have with your family and friends!!

happy 4th!!

AND your garden looks great!

Happy 4th to you! WOW- those veggies look de-lish! I need to grow some of my own spices, I always end up buying some fresh ones for a small recipe and then throwing the rest away unused...but then again, I can't keep anything green alive so maybe I will leave that up to the experts!

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