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There is something about a moo card that you can't duplicate! They are your own with your own imaging so they really reflect YOU! How fun that Glen got it! :)

I think this is so funny, your husband's reaction!! Sounds just like mine!!!

I love Moo cards too!

so glad you are feeling better, can't wait to get a moo card from you at SB (very envious of the stinkin cute)

Glen is cool.

must. go. order. moo. cards. right. NOW.

see ya!

I am glad you are feeling better. Love the picture of the flowers. I would love to do that too to order some moo cards on some of my pictures.

Love your blog and your husband sounds pretty wonderful too. Bird pendant lovely, African violets gorgeous, raised bed garden doing well, how lucky can one woman get?! Good for you! I look forward to more entries.

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