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Oh dear, I had 2 Fridays too. I'm anxiously waiting to see your moo cards and fat book pages. How you doin?

That episode was a killer!!! I think that song made it even sadder, it was so beautiful!!! Can't wait for a Michelle concert

Love Iz! Discovered him while in Hawaii 6 years ago (came home & downloaded tons of Hawaiian music---lots of his too) & that particular song I remember from the Sean Connery movie Finding Forrester (think they played it at the end?) So cool you're learning how to play it---I HAVE to sing it when it comes on... ;)!

My mom was a gin and tonic girl, and I came to appreciate them. Nice clean taste. I don't think I've had one in years and years, though.

That song is AMAZING! I'm so impressed that you're learning it, esp since I myself don't know how to play it. I am practising uke, though. I'm learning "All I Ask of You" from Phantom. Today I thought of you when I saw a school lunch box with a vintage picture of a brunette leaning back against a tree, playing ukulele :)

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