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WoW, that flower is are very talented. I had no idea you had shared such moments with Irma. I remember she took a china painting class with the late child star, Jane Withers. One of my most cherished belongings is one of her gorgeous plates that she gifted each of us girls with.

Wow, this flower is wonderful. It does look very realistic.

As always, you are an inspiration. I now will apply the Wabi-sabi principal to the mess in my garage. It is all transient organization and perfection in progress--a process actually never leading to perfection.

lovely drawing - and I love the flower story!

i love happy step-mother stories!
and i agree, perfection is highly over-rated.

Sometimes its the journey and not the destination. :)

hi! great subject! i love imperfection! if you visit my etsy store, i always describe the imperfections in my items and then say, there is no discount for this imperfection! (except for one bag, that just didn't live up to my quality check!)anyway, thanks for playing and keep my blog handy, i do these contests often for fun! i need a roommate for art n soul - so keep that in mind if you hear of anyone else looking for a roomie!

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