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I just love when serendipity happens! So meant to be.......Ok, since I can't go, I'm going to send a picture of me to you so you can just prop it next to you on the table with a paintbrush...... and that way I can just pretend that I'm there too! hee hee.... I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. And btw....LOVE the tags below. Especially the one with wish on it....Karin

Wheee! I can hardly wait! Way to use The Secret :)

oh, how wonderful for you! i'm so glad you are going! i so wish my fall wasn't already booked up with things i can't rearrange. sigh. next year, next year.

so COOL! you are going to have a great time!!

that is so cool. congratulations!! i remember that when i was planning to go study in london for a semester, i started freaking about money. and then i found a five dollar bill on the ground, and i took it as a sign that the universe would provide. and it did!!
i can't wait to hear about silver bella and see what you make!

I hear this over and over again! So happy this came to you!


If it is meant to be, it will be...( but sometimes it takes a hella of a lot of positive thinking, too! ) I have no idea what Silver Bella is, but I hope you love it so much, you show us all you learn!

I am so excited you are coming! How awesome is your story. This has happened to my husband and I a few times (love those checks in the mail you never saw coming...and right when you need them)- we are firm believers!!! Can wait to meet you!

So cool! So wonderful! Can't wait to meet you in real life!!!!

It was meant to be! So happy for you!

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