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You really are so blessed.....because you are loved and know how to love, and you love Life :)

I love those pictures so much. The one of you and Glen moves me to tears, you two look SO in love. And what is so wonderful is that after 23 years you two STILL look at each other that way. You are truly blessed in love my dear sister.

And hey, guess what? I love you too!!!!!!!!

What beautiful examples of LOVE!

oooooo cant wait to see it in person!

so cute you knew each other for a week..!

and am I really lovely AND talented...? hmmmnnn.

My friend absolutely loved that book "Eat pray love' Lovely lo on the cj

i love love too, and i love that you love love and that you love your husband so much because that is just the coolest, isn't it?
i'm reading eat pray love too, it's good, huh? it's funny! love richard from texas.

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