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Thank you for the goodies tour. I love your studio! And that abundance of ephemera just waiting to be put's like an ephemera explosion, or ephemera ecstasy!!!
Love, love, love you.

oooh, endless pretties! hope you don't run out of space! now that i hope to have a little more time, maybe just maybe i'll compile and photgraph some of my poor little neglected orphan toys, miniatures, ornaments, magnets, and whatnots.
Love you!

Your studio looks like its stuffed with delightful treasures :)

total eye-candy! Yum!

Wow, oh wow!!! Love the eye candy!

wow, what great stuff!!

those ornaments are beautiful and what a deal, how could you not pass them up?!

i always see the signs for estate and garage sales and always think "next time I will stop". You have inspired me to STOP.

thanks for the tour!

YES! I'm inspired! To go shopping for stuff at flea markets. I wish I could find keys like those here. Haven't seen any old rusty ones anywhere! They are so cool, I agree with you.

take care!

OHHHHHHH.....I needed to contact YOU today. I went to an estate sale and there were literally 100's of BLUE canning jars!!!! I wished I'd read this post before tonight! OUCH. They were 50 cents each!!!! If you want more...let me know. I can call the Estate Sale Clean Up Guys and see if I can grab those for you!!!!

the keyes! the brooches! i love them!!

oh oh i love the brooches and the ornaments! Lovely.
jessi nagy

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