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My fav is the shoes waiting. But I really like inside the bus. It has layers as if you did it in photoshop. me like

Great pictures and for you non-Oregonians, the sky always looks like that :) I love the downtown pics!

very artistic pictures! I need to practice waiting this land of instant gratification it would be nice to let your mind wander every once in awhile.

spectacular pics. the last one along with your comment is hilarious!

Mmmm, love seeing what catches your eye! Spent the morning at Schreiner's Iris Garden yesterday painting poppies, coming home w/a ton of amazing flower pics---if you get a chance this week you should take a trek down there---the gardens are just stunning! They have peonies the size of your head there...then just across the freeway and up the road a little ways is a peony flower garden---show room and fields teeming with blooming peonies---fabulous eye candy!! Hope to post some pics on my blog today...

I really like the perspective that you did on the buildings esp. the one taken from the bus kiosk, very creative, Michelle!

ok the sky always looks like the, except for when it rains or snows! And to be honest that is a lot less them others will have you think. Great Pictures. Love downtown. Won't be their again until Oct. :(

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