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Wheee! Gotta love a nice long Michelle post!

You're very wise to give yourself treats. Life is too short not to pamper yourself at every opp.

Nice Sally-Ann score!! Tell Atty I like how he displays the inside of the box. Worthy of one of those Price is Right gals.

OK, brace yourself: my dear sweet Gramma was addicted to doing embroidery with those Cameo paint tubes. I have a quilt that she made, full of those 'embroidered' patches. Yes, I will blog it sometime.

How fab that you're bringing your ukulele on your camping trip. You'll be the Belle of the ball. Have a super-duper-the-most-amazing camping trip ever :)

Great finds! Have a wonderful time camping....laying around..reading!! oh heaven!!!

You sure can shop. Great stuff!

That picture of the little girl with the umbrella is very reminiscent of the logo once used on Morton's Salt with the words "It never rains, it pours" or something like that, I think.??? Love the box very much.

have a beautiful camp-out. mmm, i'm missing the outdoors.
how odd that there was a trend of painting embroidery. seems counter-intuitive to me, although, i suppose, less time-consuming.
pretty purchases, and i'm glad you're treating yourself!

Wait a minute! The salt ad was "WHEN it rains, it pours."

I was looking thru old posts on my blog and comments and came across yours from earlier this year. So I thought I would pop over for a visit! I love all your thrift store finds! My thrifts never have ephemera. I think they spirit them away and there is an old lady with rhinestone glasses, smoking like a chimney in a corner in the back room, listing these coveted things on ebay. Or at least I imagine it so. lol I'm in love with the little cat card sets. So adorable! Keep sharing things you buy, I love looking! Okay off to peruse your blog some more. Cheerio.

So many nice treats! Looks like you had a great time finding them!

my oh my...some real finds!!! i miss salvation army/goodwill!!! we have lots of charity shops...but with the pound sterling being worth two dollars, even a "bargain" in the UK is not a bargain when translated into dollars...
maybe i need to come to portland to hit all the shops!!
happy camping my dear!

I know you had a great time on your camping trip. LOve that little box w/those cute pp! The little embroidered is very cute! And those cute cats!! Too many cute on this comment, sorry!

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