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LOve that wish tag! Ahh, your lovely studio, uhh, Lilli got to see your studio, huh?!

Yep Malou, I got to see Michelle's fabulous studio. It's got a great view too!

Here's wishing you more time, Sweetie :)

Fun to see your creative space! Hope you have lots of time to play this weekend in your crafty place!

I'm right there with you for time. Now, please send me Wish # 4385902217 and I Will Grant It.

I have some pink wish tickets as well which I use to write little Prayer Wishes on. I wish I also had more "TIME!!!"
have a wonderful weekend!!!

Yes!! more time...more ME time!
Here's to a wonderfull, creative summer!!

I also have used the door knobs to hold bags of "stuff"! unfortunately those roller cabinets are not available here or I would have several of them under my desk as well. Thanks for the shot of your creative space! It is nice to see where the magic happens for everyone else!

OK, seriously love you a little bit more each time I read you know I have read and reread and reread In Praise of SLowness!!!
You will love this....remember the gorgeous journal you sent me??? Well I am using it as my journal as I read and work on The Secret!!!
PS I'm hosting a game of "glad game" on my blog...join us!!!

oh, yes, Me Time!! Your studio looks like a wonderful place to get some of that. I heard a podcast recently that discussed changing your relationship with Time. If you see it as a commodity you're short on, you probably don't have a good relationship. When you enjoy what you've got, it goes farther, I guess.

and you were oooo-ing & ahhh-ing over mine!? you have an absolutely wonderful studio! you have to invite me over to play sometime!

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