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Please please please touch me. Lol! I'm hoping you're feeling of being inspired will rub off on me!
What am I? Probably a seeker too.
Yah I know... I could totally spend all day in the book store rifling through all the art,craft, and decorating books!! Oh and magazines. Can't forget those!

Oh, Michelle! Them are super-cool photos you got there! I wonder if we have a Japanese bookstore in Vancouver? One would think......Hmm, I'll have to look :)

I feel both at the same time too. I can be focused and then drop the ball because I find or I'm inspired by something else creative! I feel like sometimes it's all calling at me ,do, this, try this, make this and I can easily get distracted. It's good the be a well-rounded artist!

I am a seeker and a striver! I know exactly what I want!!! I WANT IT ALL!! I want to try everything, I want to figure out what I am good at and what I am not so good at. I want to take what I am good at and make it Great.

Great post! I am sooo jealous of the bookstore in your town. We don't have anything nearly as cool here. I'm the same way-easily inspired, which is why I'm still a little of both seeker and striver. So much beauty to make, so little time!

Yep, another seeker here---which is why I don't just paint with pastels, I have to play with watercolors & acrylics too---then just landscapes? Heck no---how about flowers today, people tomorrow, and why not some wild close-ups that look abstract? Whoa, those photos turned out kinda cool too---hmm, maybe I should have a photography show!? Time to knit some more hats---we're out of large blueberries, oh goodness, isn't that a cool stamp---guess I'll scrap today!

Oh, yummy! Can I be inspired vicariously through you? I adore Japanese craft books. I wonder if there's a Japanese bookstore in Sakura Square in Denver...hmm. My husband speaks and reads Japanese - he comes in handy when it comes to interpreting craft instructions!

That bookshop looks amazing!!!

Ouissi x

I love, love Japanese bookstore they have the cutest books for instant inspiration!

Inspiring photos and insightful commentary.

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