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First of all love the card, It's okay to worry about Miranda, Mom's are the best when it comes to worrying about us daughters and we love you for that! Congrats on winning those yummy scrapbook products!

Great card! I love the way you did it with the flower stapled to the front. I can't imagine the day my daughter will move out. She's only 11 years old but I know that day will come.

You are the nicest Michelle!!! Keeping my fingers crossed! Had a wonderful day shopping yesterday, thanks for getting me to cross the river :)

Great card!!!
Don't have to think about that day.... My daughter is almost 18 and I can't miss her for even a day!!

Such a beautiful card :)

Great card....again. I wish I lived close to you. So fun. Well thanks for the suggestion, I'm a few steps closer to starting the deck-of-me at art-at-the-desk-time.

just catching up with all you've been up the cards you've been doing!!
Best of luck to your daughter...isn't it an amazing relationship mothers and daughters have!
I am off to check out Claudine!

What a great card!!! And I totally love the goodies you got! Have fun with it:-)

What a beautiful girl. Happy Mother's Day!

Great goodies and a wonderful daughter to inspire many more cards! You are SO lucky! Hugs from ovah here!

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