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Very nice, very nice!~ I love your Initial one and the bird/stamp one the mostest!
I need prompts. Prompt me? He he!

That 'm' is cool, the way you did it with newsprint.

Steve promised me when we got married that life would just keep getting better and better.....and it has!

I have some Utee that I bought ages ago and still haven't tried.

I like the 'parents' blue card too.

I can just see you, creating up a storm in your craft room :)

Great cards, they look awesome!

oh my gosh, you are so good. i'm behind on the art challenge. still stuck back at shoes.
i love that you thought everyone had their initial in the palm of their hand.
and i nearly teared up at the one to your parents.

I love all of them but my very favorite-can you guess???? Yup, you guessed right, the card w/the hearts!

Guess what? my initial is and N. Do you believe that....guess I was Norahs from birth. I surely intended to do the cards thing. Do you think I can catch up? Everytime is see yours it makes me want to do it. They are just so wonderful wonderful wonderful

Fab! You have done some amazing artwork.

Beautiful Cards !!I have ended up doing a few at a time as well.

I LOVE your cards! VERY COOL!


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