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Sorry to hear about your car! What a pain :( Like you said, at least it happened when you were able to deal with it.

The garden looks Maahvelous!

Congrats on your new acquisitions

Have a sweet weekend, say Hi to the Glenster and lovely Miranda from Us :)

I'll take 2 gardens, one happy place and a Glen to go!

Here I am reading your blog, for the last 3 or 4 weeks and I didn't even realize you were here in Oregon! LOL
Well Hi from Myrtle Creek Or.

I'm sorry about the not so smooth 1/2 day but at least you had a marvelous time w/your sweetie. Love the pix of the garden. I really like that grid notebook you got, they are using a lot of office stuff for scrapbooking now.

uggghhh, car stuff....I cannot believe but I BOUGHT a new car last week. I have a 2001 Prius and traded it in on a 2007. I knew I wanted to do it, but those car guys....just don't trust a thing out of their mouths, no offense if there are some 'good' car guys out there but .....really....glad you have your special place :)

pretty pictures!! i've been so busy lately, michelle, and i've been really missing your blog. thank goodness for happy places, huh? and congrats on being able to access yours in a pinch. i haven't quite gotten the hang of that one. : )

Uurrggg on the car. I KNOW I'm driving on borrowed time with mine. It's a 2001 Forerunner ready for new brakes, tires, something's wrong with the airconditioning...blah, blah, blah. I just turn up the radio and keep driving..... :)

Sad to hear about your car troubles---guess my daughter experienced some yesterday also---she noticed the temp rise way too fast suddenly! Was able to zip to her friend's house where they discovered barely any oil or water---refilled both, & the cars been ok since, but will be going in for a check-up Wed. to see why it leaks...Sure glad you weren't camping yet! Cool finds at the garage sale---and yay for getting your garden going! We just have strawberries beginning to ripen, but nothing else planted for this year yet.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Isn't it true that cats always like to be where the projects are being done? :) I think it's so sweet he follows you around - what a lovely companion he must be!

Your vegetable beds are amazing!! They are .... perfect! I always envisioned our veggie garden looking like that, but the truth is that the weeds are the true masters of our backyard. Think 6 foot tall creeping thistle and you'll see what I mean :) I am enjoying looking at the perfection of yours :) I can see why the neighbors followed suite.

Have you tried feeding paper through the letter maker to see if you can create raised letters? That would be cool!

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