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Oh Chelle, you are such a city girl. Did you see the squirrel under the trailer? Might have been something else. I enjoyed hearing about your venture. My driveway looks a bit like that right now because we have had about 7+ inches of rain in the last week and we need gravel.

michelle, have you heard of out and about treehouse resort? if you fancy sleeing in trees, and like a comfy sort of camping, you'd love it! go to ""
it's up in your neck of the woods!

sorry--that was horribly naive of me to say it was in your neck of the woods, just because you're in oregon. truth be told, it'd be a bit of a drive. but SO worth it!

Love the pictures! Loooks like you had a great time. I love camping....We haven't done it old is Carlos? :) Actually we have been talking about taking them camping soon.

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