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Hey Buddy...I can attest to the fact that you Monk Bowls are superb. Glad the cinnamon worked out.

'Tis the season for cleaning and organizing, and you on ya' for doing the garage and the M-room. The latter must've been emotional.

We're still loving our Penzeys, using it all the time :)

Nice post! You sure know how to ring a person's salavatin' bell. I'm so hungry I could fly, i could fly, i could fly...(to Portland)

And when are you coming down to organize my house? ;)!

Ah, the big night was last night, so we're maybe going to get back to "normal"?! Had a nice family dinner all together tonight for the first time in ages---but the after pageant dump is still present all over the house---can you say 11 tuxes in the dining room?

Your weekend sounds divine!

Love your recipe's, your monk's bowl sounds great!

Not too fun, the cleaning process, but nice to have it done....yes??

I have the collard greens in my garden. I have never had Monk Bowl made with anything. I would like it cause I like all that stuff.

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