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That is so funny about your daughter's room! My poor daughter's room has turned into the total DUMPING ground! I always have my eyes on space in the house that I can greedily take over!! I wish I could be participating in this fun group of Studio Friday's but I am SO busy!!!

A craft studio AND a sewing room? Sounds reasonable to me.

Those drawers look great. You never did tell me how much they cost :)

I was just reminding the twins that they have only 4 years, one month and 13 days before they move out...or turn 18! The Hubbs and I are already planning an extensive renovation ( the boys,they were HEATED! :))
I would kill for extra space and a room of my own...

I wanna know, much for the drawers?

ps...I would have bought it all also!

Yes, I hold my breath in anticipation when I see the mail truck drive up. So, how's your hubby gonna take the news about his room? Mine is always flustered with me because I hog his "testosterone room", (ie: the computer room). So stingy! he he... Have fun with your 2nd room!

Oh what LOVELY treasures these are!! As a scrapbooker, I too, see the beauty and usefulness of the lace and trims you so love!
I am having SO MUCH FUN, visiting everyone's blogs to see what they're 'greedy' about!!
Have a lovely Weekend!

Did you say "wooden thread spools"? I just realized I have a box of these somewhere, and I never intended to do anything but hoard them!

Those wooden file drawers are beautiful.

I hope you get your sewing room. It sounds very practical to me!

Love the wooden file drawers too! yep, I would have bought all those too! LOL.

What a stash of creative supplies - and organized too!
I'm so glad to have come across you via Studio Friday and am looking forward to lots more.

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