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Looks like you had fun shopping! I probably would've gotten the folder punch too.

Good Luck landing the Space Shuttle :)

Shopping is always good!!! That's great that you won't be taking any classes this summer so you get to go around w/your honey.

Hi hi!! Don't let your meat loaf? LMAO!!! Now there's somethin' to chew on! Lol

What kind of swaps you doing????

Algebra?! Jeez louis. I can't even balance a check book. Algebra?! You are my hero.

pretty purchases! sounds like fun stuff is afoot!

ooooo, new shops to discover in P-town! Collage has me most intrigued!

damn, I wished I lived near you!

uh, duh! I do.

Then why oh why dont I know about all these cool shops!?!?! Thats pretty sad for one who calls herself shopgirl...

You NEED to take this poor soul who is in perpetual motion on 84 between Beaverton and Troutdale and HELP ME SHOP FOR COOL THINGS!


Oh drat! You came on Sunday! I wish I had been there! I NEVER have employees and I just HAPPENED to have one that day! It's me...all DAY...all night...5 days a week except when you stop by! LOL.....Maybe next time. Isn't that ribbon yummy? The robin egg ric rac? I screamed when I saw that in the catalog! And I got 10 more skeleton keys this weekend! I wondered how I got wiped out! Hahahahahahaa!!!! It was YOU! -Amy

I am officially in countdown mode and cannot WAIT to hit Michaels and Joann's as soon as I get off the plane! I have been mailordering from J's online so I have a plethora of goodies waiting for me in America!!! That paper was hot but I NEED that Robin's egg blue ric rac AND that folders punch! Off to order!

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