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Golly, my weekend sure was boring compared to yours! Daughters and kitties will have minds of their own, and what can I say about backs?!

I hope that tomorrow you'll be blogging about a miraculous recovery :)

P.S. Is there such a thing as kitty hypnosis? Maybe a hypnotist could convince Atti not to climb any higher than 6 feet!


Miranda is so beautiful but we already knew that.

Suggested future experiment: just how long might it take Atty to make his way down to that bowl of kitty food? for free?

A tearful weekend all around, eh?

Yes, I second that comment on Miranda's beauty. I have never seen her hair looking so beautiful!

What a weekend indeed! Those kids, just have a way of keeping us on our toes don't they!

Wow, what a wild weekend!! It looks like a pretty cool place your daughter has picked out---love those high ceilings! My youngest hangs with boys as much as girlies too---one evening I counted 10 boys draped around her room...along with another girl friend---they kept coming in the front door....

Poor you and Atticus---again!!! I agree, hypnotize that silly cat & maybe he'll give up the climbing!

Wishing you a quiet week and weekend!

Ok....I was all teary eyed with you until I got to the part about Atticus & the tree....then you had me laughing out loud! OMgosh.....that cat! And I love the idle threat of keeping him up there!! Sounds like it all worked out in the end though....Maybe you should consider cutting down the tree. It might be cheaper :)

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