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That's a very cool art idea! It really makes you think about who the other participants were. I love yours: so Michelle :)

Gorgeous daughter! Say Hi for me.

I still have my little square! But it is still blank. I like this pic of Miranda. :-)

That is just the coolest exhibit. I have never seen anything like that. If I went with the family, they would probably have to rip me away.
The piece you made is beautiful and a wonderful tribute to the Virginia Tech community. Thanks for sharing.

Very cook art project. Are they not signed?
And very pretty 20 year old!

OK, very Cook????
Oh I mean very cool or kool or kewl, see I can't even spell

What a neat art exhibit idea! Might have to present that concept to our gallery members... great way to get people in to see the other paintings & artwork :).

Your daughter is so lovely! There's such a serene look in her eyes :).

Oh My Gosh---I just recognized the site where her photo was taken---is that the same table?! Deja Vu :)

All the art is beautiful of course, but the piece you created 20 something years ago? Oh yes, she should be framed and hung under pristine lighting in a very amazing museum (don't you agree?) heh heh!
Happy May Day my friend!

That beautiful Miranda of yours......she is a piece of living art!

Yes, Miranda is very pretty takes after the gorgeous momma and handsome dadda!

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