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I love cigar boxes too and have quite a collection but since they come from my Dad and he only smokes a couple kinds they are all mulitiples of the same box but it's so much fun to see them stacked up on my shelf! the stamps look cool too!

I found a bag of old stamps yesterday in our boxes in the basement. They were my great-grandfather's, which I inherited when I was little, and I don't remember having looked at them since. But I'm mighty glad to have them :)

I found 3 books of stamps that someone had been collecting at our local flea market. I paid almost 10.00 for the lot, but there are amazing stamps with wonderful colors from all over the world! I imagine using them in my altered things, but for now, they are in a lovely basket in my closet. I won an auction for buttons yesterday! I stole it out from under an old lady who had not bid on anything before that since december of 05, so I didn't feel so bad, LOL!!!

I lurvES me buttons, too! I keep them in apothecary jars for inspiration!

This is my first visit to your blog. I love vintage buttons too. Your blog is full of treasures, so many things to see. I really like the scrap-like things you've made!

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