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Hey gurly, I'm not here! I'm not reading this! lololol. (I'll do this next week, cross my heart, poke a finger in my eye and all that) Just wanted to peek in atcha and see what you were up to :) And that's so cheating!!! But I'm totally going to steal that idea.

Never met a meme that I liked, so I won't be playing. It seems like this was a useful exercise for you, though. Perspective is always a good thing, and I'm sure that Atti is proud :)

My eyeballs landed here, but are to sick to d it right now. But I felt guilty just trying to sneak out the backdoor. As soon as I'm feeling better I will do it!!!

What a great post and list. I agree with you on this a lot! I can't focus on any originality right now, not my own anyway, but I liked reading this post Michelle.

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