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LOL! I saw it and ALMOST bought it, but I was able to resist. But now that I see you using it... I think I need to go back. It's yummy. They had cleared space for the Martha stuff but hadn't put it out yet when I was there earlier this week.

Cute and cheery card :)

I was at Michaels today too! They had just filled the shelves with the brilliant Martha stuff. I didn't notice any Amy Butler paper, but saw a ton of K & Co stuff. I'm in Heaven! she not the BEST??? I love ALL that is Amy Butler! She was with the NRN company for about 5 months. I ordered it for Art House. Then...GONE. POOF. I am thinking that wasn't a good match. K&Co. really is. They market things so well.

My mom lives in Corvallis and she got me the Amy Butler 12x12 scrapbook bag at a little local shop last week. I truly slept with it BY MY BED so I could wake up looking at it!!!!

Do you ever go to Bolt on Alberta? She has ALL of Amy's fabrics. I am making an Amy apron right now. Wish me luck on THAT!

Hope to see you at the shop soon...maybe Last Thursday????? That's tonight!!

Well, I came to get caught up on what your doing. That card you made up there is wonderful. I was behind on a couple of your post. No shool this sumemr! Yay for you, I mean I know learnin is a good thing but sometime you need time to "be"

pretty papers, and i've been waiting excitedly for the martha stuff. sounds like i might have to make a trip out this weekend...

I can't wait to go to Michaels and get me a some Martha stuff!

Well jeez! I was in Michaels the other night too. Did you see those HUGEASS margarita and wine and brandy and martini glasses? I was thinking how fun would those be for my next cocktail party...
But anywho, can you believe I didn't even LOOK at the papers while at Michaels? Shocking!

Coolio---neato card! Supposedly a Michael's is coming to town sometime in the future---wonder if our local craft store has this beautiful paper...might have to go shoppin'...

that paper is most def coupon worthy! i think i need to go back tomorrow and get it~!

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