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i am a big diet coke fan myself !! thanks for sharing !!

Haha, you crack me up Michelle, so well written! Oh the temptation, I know....argh! It's the same for me with tea, it's just not quite the same! Bohoo!
I'm trying though to cut it back and out altogether. Bizarre how these notions are in our heads. Coffee is bad, too because it withdraws water from teh body, yikes! All that caffeine...sigh.
We'll make it Michelle!! ;-)

ooohhh yes! But I'm more of a pepsi gal. Every so often you just have to have it. And, really, aren't you helping to broker world peace by drinking coke and teaching the world to sing??? That far outweighs the sugar content..... :)

Or you can be like me and the Diet gives me headaches so I at least have a excuse :)

Have you ever tried China Cola? To my recollection, it tastes remarkably like Coke Classic, and I'm sure that because it's herbal, it's healthier.

Here are some Oregon stores that carry it

Ah, we still love you---Coke and all! My Mom's fav. when I was growing up, but I never liked any sodas as a kid (too fizzy!!) and to this day can't stand colas of any shape or size. My latest love is Safeway chocolate chip cookies...with coffee in the morning...mmmmmmm

ooooh coke ;)

I get seriously addicted to diet coke. I know it's bad but I can't stop drinking it!!!

I have to give up entirely or I find myself drinking a 2l bottle in a day.....

Ouissi x

Now you have me singing that song! If only Coke could be bring world peace...ah that would be wonderful!

You are such a good writer...what a fun post!

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