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You're so cute and sweet. It's kinda cool to see the gifties documented. It brings back nice memories, esp of us sitting on the bed, opening gifts and going "Eeee!".

Don't feel you have to do anything with the fabric for my sake, BTW. Sometimes just sitting there on a shelf and making someone happy is a useful life for a piece of fabric :)

That actually brought a tear to my eye! What a fantastic gift and just the amount of love and caring that went into packing them!
(sidebar...: Lilli...COME to SWEDEN!!!) :)

OMG! I just clicked on the photo and it got larger!!! What fine trunks!!! They are so beautiful! Enjoy every thread, girl!

Aww!! What fun trunks!

oh, how sweet!! i love happy tales of friendship : )

Oh, what glorious gifts! I was making happy noises just looking at them on your blog, so I can only imagine the joy they induced in person! By gifting you, Lilli has gifted me too!


Oh my goodness..these are amazing treats! Sounds like you had such a great time together. Can't wait for ArtFest NEXT year where we can all hopefully meet up!

Wow oh wow! Those are gorgeous trunks! A feast for the eyes with lovely spring colors! YUM

happy, happy, happy stuff ~ you are a lucky lady! it sounds like you guys are two peas in a pod!

Eye LOVE that ukulele and that Ukulele girl!

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