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that's funny--you're right where i am in the art card challenge. actually, i was trying to figure out what to post today--maybe i'll follow your example and post my cards up to now.
also, i feel the same way about shoes. i wear only the comfortable ones, but i like to write about stilettos and such. see-we're soul sisters! i love the picture of you and glen. it is so sweet and beautiful. and then of course your artistic embellishments always inspire me!

Love, love, love your sweet-heart card! Cute shoe card too---and I totally know what you mean about comfort---birkies, doc martins, haflingers...those are my favs (and my ancient brook tennies I can't find a replacement for, so keep wearing them tho they're getting so tattered....)

love the wee shoe card. oh my gosh ~ great little drawings from the calendar!

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