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these are so cool love the self portrait love taking them myself they always make me smile

wow! your cards are wonderful, i love them

Great cards! Love the self portrait and the picture of the shoes is sooooo cool!!
Go and catch up soon!!

i just love these playing cards you have been posting! i just finally discovered what ATC means since I have been reading about it forever on blogs etc. and have been thinking about making some up for fun. sounds like these are along those same lines but not for trading. i will have to check out that link and see what all the fun it about!

Your eyes always seem to smile!
Glad to see spring has made its presence known...
it can be 60 in the sun but it is only 40 or so here...
I hope the hubbs has a short day today so I can get some crafting done, too!

I love the shoe card! Great!

Love both of your cards!

your cards are absolutely stunning and alive with ART.

thanks for the inspiration

What a great cards!!!

Your eyes makes me smile, too. They are beautiful, you can tell ALOT from someone's eyes.

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