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it looks awesome! I love the images on the pages, so cute. I will finish Sheila's happeness CJ and bring it by early this week. I think we may have a week or two off again after that :)

cool! cant wait to see it live and in person!!

OUtstanding! I love how you are able to find awesome things at Goodwill (I've gone to Goodwill here and haven't found a treasure yet that I can place in my scrapbooks) Anyhoo, the cj page turned out really well.

Good for you, Girl! These images are so cute. Thanks for sharing the recipe. It looks intriguing.

Oh, BTW......Steve put one of our Penzeys spices on popcorn tonight and it was great. It was the Ozark spice, but I'm sure that other flavour combos would be excellent too!

Those are SO cute! You have very nice handwriting and it was easy to read the cards!

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