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Ah, you've discovered The Secret! Almost 2 weeks ago (the 12th) we were at a friend's house, and after soaking together in his hot tub he played a little dvd he wanted us to see, and we were introduced to The Secret for the very first time! I've always sorta lived some of the things it talked about, but it was so terrific to learn more---especially the law of attraction! Since then I've put a lot of what I learned into practice and have seen some amazing things happen already :). Oddly, after that night I started to hear more about The Secret---mainly because soon after, as you mentioned Oprah did a feature about it (which I too haven't seen since I rarely watch tv.) I've seen others mention it in blogs, and am excited to think more people might be open to these concepts. Next is watching the dvd with my daughters.....

ok, I gotta go see what this is about. just this week you are the 3rd person who has mentioned it. maybe because of Oprah, I dont know, but it is very interesting....
and I know what you mean about blog friends, you would think it would be a bigger world. there is a community out there and I see allot of the same people over and over in it!
we are so going out for a beer soon and you can tell me all about the secret, OK?

I know exactly what you mean!!!! About the laws of attraction, about certain friendships formed and still flourishing via the internet, about going out for beer - oh wait, no. Wrong thought ;) The secret as you explained it reminds me of the old saying, Birds of a feather flock together.

The Secret's out: Michelle in her infinite creativity and friendliness is attracting creative friends :)

Yes, I'm attracted to did count me didn't you? I've not heard about "The Secret" and now I must go investigate. Thanks

i love lilli's comment. so funny and true!'ll have to catch Oprah at night if you can't do it during the day. I saw the show on "The Secret" and found it intriguing. I thought it was a DVD and not a glad I read your blog of course I ordered it.

That's soooo cool, I agree w/these The secret stuff. You are so lucky to spend time w/the awesome Ms. Lilli and she get to meet the fabulous YOU!! Can't wait to meet you, too in person. I know it won't be long, I know we will meet!

I really must check out that book...sounds like my kind of read!
I am so glad to have "met" you through blogland and feel lucky to have a little piece of you in the form of the GORGEOUS journal you sent me!!!

A friend of mine told me about The Secret about a month ago. She sells it at her store and she and her husband have been applying the principles ever since watching it and reading the book. I haven't had a chance to see it yet; but I did see the oprah episode. I so agree with you about blogland. It's amazing how we can extend our circle of friends with a keyboard and moniter. It's so much fun connecting with likeminded individuals who share the same passion of creating and art. Ok, this is getting long....:) I better go!

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