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Love your glasses & your studio!!!

veerryy cute!!

Love your beautiful pictures!!!

OMG...I love it. Maybe one day, when I get really brave, I will post my pictures from grade school wearing my scary, scary glasses! Cute new specs!

LOVE those new frames! Your 6th grade glasses remind me of a pair that I had, but mine were gold metal.

Do you guys have snow down there? It's really coming down here!

HOLD up!!!
Those are SO the same glasses, LOL!!!
I received your package in NJ today ( technically, yesterday) and I am SO over the moon at all of the wonderful things you sent to me! You made my day, week and year! Library cards are not used here and I was beginning to think that I would have to go through life without them AND BINGO cards...I did not take your address to the US with me, but left the package there. I have nothing so fabulous in mine, but it is sent with lots of love, SEEstEEr!

You look fabulous, darlin!!!!!!!!

Beautiful glasses, beautiful girl. You had no idea you were so beautiful back in 1971, but you were alwaya, then and now!

Fun specs! 1971 & now! (we are so connected...I just ordered new glasses on Monday!) (love those old photos :))

Michelllle! I'm amazed by seeing you in all your kittenish preciousness in that beautiful, memory-filled photo from our past. The stove, your long hair and that dress! I'm speechless to tears. Do you remember who the photographer was? I haven't see you for awhile although i regularly continue sneaking peaks at your artful genious. What a beauty you are.

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