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All this art is going to my head! I anticipate sweet colourful dreams tonight :)

LOve the Smiley face!!! great card!!

Love the smiley face, awesome cards!!

Just looked at your #4 & #5! Very cute! I want to try the transfer thing.

Really cute cards! Love the ephemera you chose!

Fab cards, really love your smiley face one

You are really somthing! I love your cards and when I get past some deadlines, I'm going to do that too. Your circle journal pages are so pretty too. What fun you are managing with algebra and all.
When you get the little board book done, will you show, like on the 14th?

no, YOU'RE the sweetest!!
i'm doing the art challenge too. thinking i might get some epherma for my # 5 card in the mail today (hee hee!)
lovely friday to you!!

Aww, the smiley face! I have a girlfriend who is a recycled hippy and she loves smileys so everytime I see one, I think of her :)

That's a great little gifty you have there too! Lucky you!

oooooh! I love the starbucks card, it is so beautiful. And your smiley face is so cute. Isn't it great how these little cards are able to bring about these wonderful memories?
thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

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