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you must be the very sweetest person in the whole world!
and thanks for sharing the book! i think we all have embarassing little indulgences, but aren't you glad NOW you spent the money?

Oh, I foresee hours of complete absorbtion in the diary. What a fabulous find!!! Since I'm totally into the '40s (because of our house) I'm hoping you'll transcribe the whole thing and send it to me. That's not too much to ask between friends, is it? :)

I'm remembering how Alicia found.....what was it...letters? and was deeply moved by the experience.

OMG, I love diaries especially from someone else and being so vintage, totally love it. I will have to find something like that it is just so interesting to read someone else's perspective on life. What a find, Michelle! Congrats to Marlene!

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