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You're so cute :)

Hello, My name is Smoochie and I am also a buttonholic. Sadly, I knew exactly what you were sentimenting about one button collection not mingling with another button population.
*your text messages are cute!*

Happy Valentine's Day! Loved reading your stories :)

I agree w/Lilli! You are the best and the cutest!

i *heart* this post. so cute!

You so make me smile :)! I love how in-love you are with your sweetie Glen! It's how I feel about my sweetie too---we used to have our computers connected & would send love notes to one another (even tho he was just a few steps away out in his shop...)

Amazing button collection!

seriously LOVE the "glen" badge....too cute!!
I am seriously green with envy over your button collection.....gorgeous!! The stories about them are so cool too!! My mom would kill me if she knew this, but I sqandered her HUGE button collection on a science project for my students when I was first teaching.....ssshhhh, she still thinks they are "somewhere" in her basement. I really kick myself for that one!!!
Off to ebay to having a bidding war with you on button collections. LOL!!

i was gonna comment how cute you are and someone stole it already but you are *so cute*! what a fun post to read!!

You're too cute! Love the button. I actually also own a button from when my hubby and I were dating and it says "I "heart" love". I used it in a collage of the two of us the night we met. Anyway, love what you had to say about buttons and am so glad I have a few from your precious collection. Thanks again for the cutie package of goodies. I have a pick on my current blog post. Cheers!

hey! i have that same jar! and i keep buttons in it! and i have more than one jar. we are twins!

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