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Wow-za! you did get lots o goodies! you will have so much fun ~ enjoy!

OMG, wow you lucky girl!!! That's a lot of cute goodies, omg each and everyone of them took my breath away. YOu have some really cool friend and of course, that's including me! Tee-he! I am so glad that you love 'em MIchelle. Sorry those stamps took a long time for you to get it. Remember I was supposed to give it to you a long time ago but at least you got 'em.

What a lot of fun goodies you've received! You have so many nice friends that know what you love! Sorry to hear about your root canal---I've been fighting a bad tooth for a bit, keep thinking..."dentist? or new camera?" Guess what's winning?!? Hope you're feeling better now and have a fabulous Valentine's day full of LOVE!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweetie, Glen and your lovely daughter, Miranda. Love Malou&Nelson

Dear sweet ~Michelle~
I hope you have a beautiful day today. All of your sweet treats (calorie free at that!) are so precious!

happy valentines day, michelle!!!

Sweets to the sweet, as they say. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, Michelle My Belle.

Wishing you and your blog buds the Happiest Valentine's Day Ever!!!
Love you, sweet seestor, Michelle

You are indeed a lucky, loved, girl!! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful booty!

I am SURE you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

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