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What a beautiful girl you've got there.

You've got sun?! I should SAY you'd better get gardening!

Happy Sunday evening :)

The scanner/printer/copier/fax thing will change your life....(and your pocketbook after buying color cartridges) I don't know about your scanner (mine is an hp photosmart 2610) I used to lose my scans all the time in the vortex of my computer because when I saved them, it was saved as a .bmp file in the temp files of some black hole in the computer. Check to see if when it scans, you need to *save as* a .jpg file and THEN save it into your photo editor file - not the temp file. I hope I haven't confused you more....if you need more help just email me.

Love the layout......the colors work perfectly with the picture.

Hi Michelle---I like to save my scans to my desktop--then I can retrieve them with whatever program I want to & then fiddle with them (in photoshop, or iphoto or something like that if it's a photo), then tuck it away in a file where I can find it again!

By the way, I really, really like this layout for this circle journal! Love the pic of Miranda, the paper you chose, your handwriting and the simplicity of the whole thing!

I really like those swirlys. Did you freehand those or use a pattern?

closing my eyes for the first 2 paragraphs!!!!!
Thanks for making my day and giving the images!, Seester!

i love your descriptions of the photos, and then the actual photo: so cute! congrats on your new toy--i think it will be hugely pleasing to you. it's true that the color cartriges cost big bucks, but i would never never go back!

look at you, on time and everything! the colors match the photo perfect and I do love swirlies!!

Wow, Ms! LOvin' the circle journal you have got going there! Beautiful pictures of Miranda. I think I might have to buy a new printer/scanner, mine is toasted already, the scanner is not working anymore.

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