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Love your memories. And that sign in page is pure genius!

yay michelle, i'm happy you and your camera are back. okay, those pages are just AWESOME. i love the little descriptions that are so unique to your experience with your daughter (ie: the smell of vanilla lip gloss.)and that her first word was no! reminds me to slow down, as i'm upon these years with both my daughter and my son. (hee hee, like just now, my son fell off the couch and called out in a gleefull voice, "ah fall down!")
anyway, i just love these pages in your circle journal. i might just have to print them out! thank you.

oowww...sorry to hear about the rootcanal.....The circle journal layout looks great. I love all the senses. What a great idea....

I love everything about your circle journal entry---the sweet photo of Miranda crouching so comfortably, yet glancing at the photographer with an adorable smile, your sensory descriptions of her when she was small, and the sign in page---& your submission! How clever---yet fun too! Glad your root canal is over with---I almost went to the dentist on Friday (don't have my own dentist yet, so was randomly picking out of the phone book) but cancelled deciding to wait a bit longer---I am so chicken!!!

Super cute! Glad the root canal is done, the crown is the easy part :)

Yay, I see pix so that means your camera is in working order again! Love, Love the circle journal! As soon I am done w/our circle journal I am going to start ours for our group!

what a sweet LO! i love the memories of the senses you shared. i think you captured her theme very well. i cant wait to see that sign in page in person!

This is so precious! I can't wait to get the journal back and see all these awesome LO in person!!!

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