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PoOr Michelle :( I know all too well what root canals are like, and I'll spare you the details. Glad your recovery is better than you feared.

Love your inspiration page. I could just hug it! (but then I'd be all covered in glitter, wouldn't I!

Thanks for the special delivery today :)

Let's see the buttons! I love buttons.

I feel your pain. I've been there. Love this inspiration page and thank you so much for the tip on stamping with glue. I'm writing that down in my inspiration journal because you inspire me and I don't want to forget. I think this one may become the focal point for me of your C of C banner.

Root fun:(

Love your work here. The pink and green is fabulous! LOVE all the glitter, of course.

Thanks so much for your sweet package. Hope my heart of goodies has arrived:)


oh, owee. i hope you are feeling good(ish?) today! i love the inspiration page. it's got me inspired!

Way to come over to the dark side known as glitter!!! beautiful! Hope your tooth is better, I am the queen of root canals, not fun.

Awww, I hope your mouth fully recovers before dinner time :) Heh! Root canals are a bummer.

But I LOVE your inspiration! Oooo, the music, the sewing, the flower, the bit of lace... the GLITTER! I gotta do something like this. Now. Tonight!

I am sorry that you had a bad day bcoz' of that root canal. I totally loved the inspiration project you did, so cool!

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