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wow, these are great!!! I think you have created an utterly superb and unique thing here. I love sewing and this makes me want to get off my butt and get my sewing machine fixed-thanks for the shove and the inspiration!

You continue to amaze me! LOVE these. The mix of materials is absolutely wonderful. I want to reach out and touch them:) What type of glue are you using? Are you using any other adhesive like fusible webbing or anything? Love your inspiring!!!

What a very cool way of making these pages, Michelle! I love all of the fabric! You're so creative. :)

that is just gorgeous. GORGEOUS!

Oh dang, I love these. I really get "dream" but all are fab. Can't wait to see this finished and hanging on your wall. You always have to bestest ideas.

Vertical is cool! This is a neat format, adding bits of inspiraction as you go, like a crazy quilt. I bet this looks fantastic in your studio :)

Oh my godness! Theses are extremely gorgeous! Love all those trimmings! I'm sure is going to look super as a wall hanging!

Wowsers! What a neat project---love what you have going & can't wait to see the progress! Enjoy your artsy Sunday---am hoping to play today too---new stamps from Art House :).

Wow! I am just so mesmerize w/all these beautiful things you do, Michelle! I ordered a lot of stamps from just johanna, love those birdies and the mini eiffel tower!

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