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Hi Michelle! Love your sweet package of goodies. Of course I'll be your Valentine:):)

How kind! I enjoy checking in with your blog on a regular basis. Especially enjoyed the handwritten black, red and green Christmas Journal. Made me think of mini-books in a new way. Thanks.

Ohhh, can I play?? I don't know if I should, seeing as how I am related to the artist; plus the fact that I already have an ephemera pack that you sent me (which I love dearly and still oogle and awe over often - it's a little piece of eye candy!). I think it would only be fair to those who haven't won yet if I bowed out gracefully. Shucks! :-)

how lovely!! and what a cute blog!!!!

ME ME ME ! I wanna play ! I would like to Be Your Valentine !


Count me in! Ilove your blog... and Ephemera!

Oh, you better believe I'm entering!!!!!! I added another pair of earring since it was such a great response. I will pick out two names on Friday....T much fun...Karin

Yes yes, I would like a sweet treat from you. Isn't this the funist madness?

Uh, Uh, I want to be your valentine, too!!! What a cute treat! xoxoMalou

mememememe, i wanna play! cant resist goodies!

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