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I agree with your choice of Wendy's studio. I don't know what I would do but love what you would do. Maybe I would bring the popcorn.
Love the banner you made from your cover.

Great banner, GiRLfriEnD !

Thanks for the great links. I hadn't heard of the Desk one before.

I love your energy you give speaking of this studio! I'm sorry you couldn't find a sampling to share, wish I could help but I don't know either. :)

I'm loving the desk blogsite---had to pull myself away and work on my studio spaces---my desk behind me became the "toss it, we have company coming" area during the holidays. I'm in the process of digging it out...

LOVE your new banner!!

The new Hold Dear banner is so excellent, beautiful and heartfelt!

Yes!!! I totally love your banner! I was going to buy that book, I have to look in Amazon.

I used Jo Packman's book as my inspiration also. Every creative space contained on those pages is so inspirational. I just love that book!!!! I also have her "Organize Your Craft Space". Also, the link to the "On My Desk" is great. Thanks!

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