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Thank you for sharing the Mis-Adventures of Atticus. I will never again take lightly a "cat up a tree" story on the news. Of course, since I live in a small town, the fire department and animal lovers of all kinds are usally on the scene to rescue an errant feline. But from the description of that tree, don't think it was an adventurous climb that went wrong; he must have been totally chased up that bare tree trunk by a critter of some kind. So enjoy a peaceful evening now.

What an adventure! For all of you!

I've never been able to understand why cats climb trees, if there's the possibility that they'll get scared and be stuck up there. I would have thought that their instincts would always lead them in the right direction. Puzzling.

Glad he's safe and sound :) I'll bet he's going to sleep well tonight !

Oh My Gawd!!! I'm so sorry you all went through such an ordeal, Shell Shell. The two of you look so cozy and content in the photo. Whew.

OMG, poor Atticus! I am so glad and relief that he is safe finally in your arms. I was feeling the anguish that you had when you saw poor Atticus up in that tree, I am glad that it turned out well for him.

Poor little thing... Glad he made it home. I would have been a wreck after I first noticed my little princess missing. But isn't that what the fire department is suppose to do, get kittys out of trees? Maybe that was a childhood fairy tale

I'm happy too for you and atticus. Now I bet everybody got a good nights sleep. You have lots of heros in this kitty story.

That was so nice that Gary came and rescued Atticus! Hats off to him and the folks like him that go out of our way to make something special happen! ( I would have easily coughed up off the yard and a half for him, too!). My cat would have clawed him once he tried to rescue her...:-(

Yay for happy endings!! As a fellow fur lover I know exactly how you felt. Also, thanks for all the help with everything!! Web monkey is going to keep me busy.....Later!

Wow, what an ordeal! So glad you found Atticus and he was rescued!! That's no fun to have your fur buddy disappear like that---our buddy Amos took off & we never saw him again :(. He was such a sweetie I like to believe he was taken in by someone (I've seen cats in the neighborhood that remind me of him...possible offspring?). We put up fliers, & looked so hard for him. Atticus looks so happy in your lap :). YAY!

oh, i missed this post until just now. poor little kitty! glad he is safe at home now!

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