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your playing cards are awesome...I have been doing it too and hope to post them tomorrow!
Those spring onions look like they are lively little things!! HEHE!

love your cards! such a great look!

bahaha - love those two buddies. Gorgeous card!

Dang! i almost had to wait in line to say " Thank you" for the information. i appreciate you covering the basics with me. Sometimes artists assume that we all have a certain level of skill, but it is SO not true with me! You ROCK!!!

sooooooo great!!! both of your cards really show off your artistic side! i especially like the sentiment of the "my voice" card. & now, i have that song in my head too!! :o)

Love, love the cards you have done here, miss! Love those green onion characters, so cute!

Love how you've painted your cards!

Fabulous cards

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