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Love your cards!
"...the time of my life" That's so great! ;)

Awesome cards, love your I am statement!

These are great! I especially love the "My Voice" card and the sentiment behind it :-) And the spring onions - must try that for DH ;-)

hehehe! I've got the song "time of my life" stuck in my head now too!!
Great cards and i love your two little buddies there too!!

Like the "My Voice" sentiment, very cool cards!

Love your cards, when I get started on this, I am going to copy you. Tell Miranda her onion heads are so fine. Were they in your salad?

You card ROCK, and so does the colours on your blog, soooooo my style.
I will sure be back to visit ;)


I have not done cards since early December.. These are so mindful and I am that paint or distressed paper?

these are AWESOME michelle! :)

Love seeing your cards! I was in a swap & so many were just prints of digital images---disappointing considering how mine had paint, plant prints, etc---each handmade! Yours look so wonderfully original! ---love your onion friends too---ask me some day and I'll send you a pic of our "grumpy" tomato some time :)

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