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I agree w/you, Michelle about the blog being a wonderful tool to meet people from all backgrounds, I love it. I love reading your blog and it's nice to see what your intentions was from last year.

I too just started blogging last spring and love how it has enriched my life in so many wonderful ways. I really appreciate your helps each of us to realize that we're not the only ones learning to bare our souls, artistic or otherwise, to the world!
Wishing you a meaningful and creative year ahead!

Happy New Year!
Looking in on all of my creative peeps after a lackluster break! You are so right about the journal and having a new opportunity to begin again! I don't know where I would be without my blog and blogging friends! My spirit would be called "Sunmaid" raisin!

I like what you said about "being deliberate" and I totally agree with what you said about blogging! Happy New Year Michelle, glad I found your blog and met a new friend!

You just always say it all so well. I so agree with all that you said about blogging freinds, inspriation, and the powerfullness.
And then you make me laugh with your new words like googley-moogley. Love you

Have been playing catch-up today---enjoyed reading your last-year's intentions (good way to put it!) then was knitting away, reading past posts of yours I'd yet to see.... ah, what a nice way to pass the time! (& finished the hat + started another :)

It's true---Blogging is a great way to connect, write, get inspired, and also get lost in computer-land! A Happy New Year toast to you---may this be the year we meet in person!!

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